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Jumat, 05 Maret 2010

Feet Love Around The World. Week 2. (I'M LATE! -,-)

Like I said. I'm a bad blog writer and blog wallker.
I know this feet love around the world project
because I opened my friend, Nicole's blog so I want
to join with her new project!
(I sent my love story to her hehee :D)
And this is week 2! I'M LATE!!

That is so cute! Isn't it?
I got it from my birthday and I love to wear it
everyday! Actually, I have the strawberry one
but I destroyed it because of something.
This is my first post about feet love.
I promise I'll write the next feet love!
I love it!

8 komentar: Ladinia mengatakan...

MONOKUROBO.... (i don't know how to write it)
i love it ! it's cute :)
(but not cute as i am) hahha


Lorine Kalista Noor mengatakan...

hey baby yes so cute and I really love those so much! and I tried to remember who is gave to me those monokurobo thing but I couldn't remember it yet :'(

Anne mengatakan...

yes i'm late too actually and i don't have any time to edit it! haha hey lin tell your friends to follow my blog please :)

Lorine Kalista Noor mengatakan...

My friends?
I'll try but I just have 9 followers :'(

Lise mengatakan...

Awww so cute! Thanks for commenting my feet post but I think yours are way sweeter. And they look so comfy :)

Lorine Kalista Noor mengatakan...

Your welcome :)
I do love to commenting and just reply the comments lol
yes I know, they are so cute very cute! and also comfy so much!
thx for commenting in mine
have a great weekend!

Tanja mengatakan...

I love your shoes! :D
Really cute. :)
I used to dance ballet but stopped 8 years ago. I'm still doing some exercises but only if I find the time for doing so. *sigh* I'm doing badminton these days or go jogging. So I'm afraid that my legs don't look like those of a ballet dancer anymore. :D
Sry for the late reply, by the way, but I haven't been online for some days.
Hope you enjoyed your day. :)

Lorine Kalista Noor mengatakan...

Thanks 4 your comment Tanja!
It is ok for you late rep and lucky you that have been in ballet group. I'm not huhu