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Senin, 04 Juli 2016

Hello? Hello!

been forever since my last last last post.
it was like 2 years ago, perhaps?

mungkin blog ini bakal tampak lebih friendly dengan dua bahasa kali?
soalnya mau blog walking lagi, not just post and leave again.

just a quick review of my life ya.
so, aku udah lulus dari sma 1 samarinda. sekarang lanjut di UNMUL
(universitas mulawarman) fakultas Ekonomi jurusan manajemen konsentrasi marketing. aku udah ada cerita belum sih sejak 2012 lalu aku punya online shop? enggak ya!? haha what a shame of me. so i have this online shop called "SeasonxxShop" where i sell a lot of things (depends on my mood) but mostly casing hp ya. baru baru ini juga baru ngeluarin "geprekcrispy.lorine" yang udah kalian tau kannn itu untuk ayam geprek. nantilah, i'll catch you up about this later.

terus, hidupku biasa aja. 
oh ya aku sekarang ngajar juga. yes, i'm a teacher. i teach pre school and elementary school. tempt les gitu sih di tempat tante. alhamdulillah.

last.. i'm dating kak Eru since April 13 2015. 
lol i know right, been a year. he is such a really nice guy i ever met.
so cheesy but, i do love him so much.
i'll catch your up about him later. 

this is just a quick HELLO from me.
aku perlu membenahi blog ini. karena kayaknya udah banyak
sarang laba-labanya. haha? haha! bye

Selasa, 11 Maret 2014


I let people talk shit about me.
They believe craps, they believe bullshit.
Why should i care?

Happy life

Selasa, 28 Mei 2013

Happy :)

This is my happy post.

I want to be happy. I want to see everyone happy. Everyone wants to be happy.
Let's be happy and say NO for pain, worries, sad, hate, jealousy, and negative things. Just be happy and no more hate.

Let's be HAPPY together.


Senin, 27 Mei 2013

Hello from 2013

When was the last time I posted a story here? It was like... Uhhhh 2 years ago.

Many things even everything has changed. And by the way I'm seventeen now and not living in Sumbawa anymore. Been almost 3 years in Samarinda and enjoying my high school as (almost) a senior. Yap! In the next 2 months I'll be a 3th grader of Senior High School.

I have moved on btw, not with the same guy anymore lolz. I just... Cant believe I have been with him more than a year. I'll write about him later on then. I love him so much, even our differences. I just adore him;3

Enough with the love stuff. I just happy and like really happy because I can open this lovely blog uhhh<3 and guess what! I got a free ice watch from DNA store. One of local store here in Samarinda and this store owe me a lipstick from Etude too. 

There you go. I just loveeeeee it. More over all, because it's free as a present.

Enough for blabla-ing I should study because tomorrow I will face school exam. Gahhhh

Kamis, 29 Desember 2011

CountDown Until Everything's Change

What date is today?
December, 29th 2011.

Which means we are going to
leave this year. Leave good and bad things
left behind.

I do wish some things that I really want to reach,
and I gave it all to God.

What's your plan to celebrate new year eve?
Mine? gotta tell you letter (: