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Senin, 27 Mei 2013

Hello from 2013

When was the last time I posted a story here? It was like... Uhhhh 2 years ago.

Many things even everything has changed. And by the way I'm seventeen now and not living in Sumbawa anymore. Been almost 3 years in Samarinda and enjoying my high school as (almost) a senior. Yap! In the next 2 months I'll be a 3th grader of Senior High School.

I have moved on btw, not with the same guy anymore lolz. I just... Cant believe I have been with him more than a year. I'll write about him later on then. I love him so much, even our differences. I just adore him;3

Enough with the love stuff. I just happy and like really happy because I can open this lovely blog uhhh<3 and guess what! I got a free ice watch from DNA store. One of local store here in Samarinda and this store owe me a lipstick from Etude too. 

There you go. I just loveeeeee it. More over all, because it's free as a present.

Enough for blabla-ing I should study because tomorrow I will face school exam. Gahhhh

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