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Minggu, 07 Maret 2010

She is The One

I have a best friend.
My true best friend besides Tasya.
She is beautiful, gorgeous and many boys likes her.
She is smart, wonderful and fabulous.
I admit to her.
She is perfect in my eyes. She is a kind hearted person.

Sometimes she makes me angry.
Sometimes she makes me like "I don't want to talk with you"
Sometimes she makes me want to punch her.
But I don't know why, when I chat with her and try
to don't want to talk with her, I would feel like
"Oh my God. I'm so evil to doing this"

I don't want to move.
I don't want to left her.
So hard to find a best friend like her.
She always keep my secret. Even its embarrassed.

I'm so sorry to being such a bad person for you.
I realized it. I want to change this my bad things.
Would you like to help me,friend?

You'll never know that I'm really like to playing
and talking with you. I really like to had a joke with you
and when you mocked me, I don't even angry at all.
So much fun to be with you.

I'm not gay! I just really adore this
girl because she is my best friend. Get it?
BEST FRIEND! so this is never end!

3 komentar: Ladinia mengatakan...

gay ?? you mean lesbian ?

wow.. she's so perfect she's better that i am :)
you know, when i have to leave you i always said 'i don't wanna move i wanna stay in here i love this place and i don't wanna leave you'
but, that's how it works you will never know things until they're gone. so i am (what i feel at least).
sometimes you can't have everything
believe me, even she's move or you move you can't forget her :)

love and miss you

Lorine Kalista Noor mengatakan...

gay and lesbian is such a same thing lol but I like say gay better HEHEH :P *weird*

No no no.. you and her is same! so perfect in my eyes. You keep my secret just like her. You both are my best secret keeper besides my mom.
Thanks Tasya..
I do love and miss you so badly now. Hope we can meet someday. amen

Anne mengatakan...

nanda isn't it? haha