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Minggu, 28 Februari 2010


goodbye Pictures, Images and Photos
I say good bye for February.
February, for me February was a very good month.
Not good at all but It was more good than January. But
the most month that I love are December and the beginning
of January so far. And February, once again it was just like
a good month for me but nothing special.

Things made me happy :
- I was a film director for my class' movie for assembly.
- I did sport things with my best budd Nanda every Saturday
or Sunday morning. So much fun!
- I felt like you're the most website that I always visited
and I opened you first before facebook.
- This is my first valentine with someone that I adore so much
even he is not here and he doesn't celebrate it.
- He called me through phone while the last time he called me is
the end of November (damn I don't want to remember it)
- I played piano in front of the guest last week. I know they aren't
an important guest but I feel happy cause I can played
a song for them.
- I know many secrets and I don't want to share it to everyone
cause I know what is secret means.
- I love my father, he gave me a laptop Vaio and piano for me. Laptop is
with me now but my piano is in Samarinda.
- I talked to the person that I just like "Oh he hates me so I
want to go away from him" but once again, someone helps
me so I can talked to him. Even not like a long time ago, when we can
talked a lot of things and messaged all day.

Things made me outta mood :
- Know that I'll moving, or not. My father still talk to the
principal of my new school.
- I have many homeworks, projects and so many more
which is make me feel want to burn my class (stupid!)
- I must to memorized some of Qur'an part.
- Know that I'm not going to Fieldtrip for next month.
- My parents don't let me to use the manual camera (I'm not really
sad like yesterday)
- Something wrong with my friend.
- I have a rival and I hate her so much. Just look baby, I will get
you down on your knees.

March Wish List :
- I wish my Mom's birthday will be a wonderful day for her
and I really want to buy something for her.
- I wish my best friend, Nanda's birthday will be such a good
and crazy day for her. I really want
to buy something for her. Something that she really want to.
- I wish my friend, Kartika's birthday will be a great day
for her and again, I want to give her something. If I could.
- I wish my 1st something :P will be great
- I wish I can meet my family in Samarinda cause
I miss them so much.

Well, Nanda inspired me to made this.
Sometimes she inspired me something and sometimes
I just want to punch her face cause she likes
to mock me -,-
Thank's Nanda! Can't wait for your birthday!!

4 komentar:

Anne mengatakan...

your first something? hmm what is that? haha
what field trip? field trip must be fun right?

Lorine Kalista Noor mengatakan...

my first... HAHAHA
you should know :P
well.. I knew that I'm not going to the field trip but I wish the field trip will be next term! hope so
(I hope my friends doesn't read this my wishing HEHEHE)
thx for you comment sist!
Have a great Monday!!

onic mengatakan...

too much birthdays on march. gee!

Lorine Kalista Noor mengatakan...

yeaphh..!! lol
thx for your comment :)
have a great day!