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Senin, 22 Februari 2010


Like I said, 2 posts today or more XP
Well, I went to commissary with my friend, Tika.
She used her bicycle then I walk.
My bicycle is broken so I couldn't use it :'(
After arrived at commissary, I met my friends
and I just bought something for my brother.
(I'm a really kind sister. Isn't it :P)
Then I went to sport hall for watching my friend's
badminton league. I was so mad because they left me!
I walked by my self and I felt like a losing kid there.
Like an idiot people who lost their parent
with Spongebob's face in my clothe.

But they just made me laugh then. Huh!

I went home at 5.15 pm and I think I have
enough time to played with grade 6 in the river.
(I already did it since last week XD)
Adit called me then we went to the river together.
But no Haikal and Nugroho now. Just Adit, Junior
and me. Haikal and Nugroho went to International School
for playing soccer I guess.

At 6.00 I'm home.
And I really tired. Really tired.
But I just still want to play this computer (like I said this is
my toxic so well) and update my Strawterost.

Hey, probably I'll post once again.
Don't you ever bored to read it guys HEHEHE..


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