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Senin, 22 Februari 2010

I always, I sometimes, I never

Well, my hobby is read random people's blog then commented it XP
I don't even know them but just keep comment cause
I know they would happy if they have many comments.
Like me, but I never got many comments.

I got this in someone's blog.
I forgot her blog but I knew the person was a girl.
It's sucks to forget who is she.

I saw her blog and she just posted about things that
always she does, sometimes and even never she does. And so I am. I'd
like to share you about things that I always do, I sometimes do and
things that I never do.

I always...
*read my novels over and over again*
*imagine something till I fall asleep*
*singing when I take a bath*
*crying when I have problem(s)*
*struggling with the internet connection in my laptop*
*taking one pic on my phone*
*try to make a photoshop a day*
*miss my friends and my old friends*

I sometimes...
*getting hurt with my friends*
*getting hurt with someone that I adore so much*
*lie to parents XD*
*try to stop playing computer. Well, it doesn't work anyway*
*want to burn my computer when it doesn't work well*
*want to kill someone there who's like to missed call me through cellphone or home telephone*
*angry to my homework (stupid!)*

I never
*watch porn movies*
*say bad words to my parents*
*going home at midnight*
*not online a week*
*make a poem about love*

Yep that's all.
I have no idea anymore and I'm sure this is
my last post! I know you're boring on this
(like someone read my blog. NO!) :'(

See you guys!
Nice to have 3 posts in a day yey!

4 komentar:

my name is lauren. mengatakan...

i enjoyed your list. i too am on my computer far too often. i try to save it up for when my husband is watching sports though so i don't neglect him too much :).

just wanted to stop by and say hello, and thank you for the sweet e-mail you sent me. i'm glad that you enjoy my blog....and you're right.... it is always nice to read sweet comments on one's blog :).

hope you have a wonderful week!


Lorine Kalista Noor mengatakan...

and Thank's for you comment that you're the first one who comments on this.

and hope you'll have a wonderful week to..

*always enjoy your awesome blog :)

Anne mengatakan...

hahha i want to post like this ;)

Lorine Kalista Noor mengatakan...

post it kak..
bakal bagus :)