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Senin, 22 Februari 2010

My Busy Days

It's really makes you boring.
Because I wrote this blog just for fun!
I just want to update this blog again and again.
Probably really in love with Strawterost XD

It's really my busy week.
And I hope it just for THIS WEEK!
Not any week anymore. It's really makes me
boring. Boring to have many works! Not boring to
nothing to do (what? is it weird? not for me!)

I have many homeworks,tests and projects.
I just want to finish it now! and I'm FREE!
But, this computer is just toxic for me. This computer
makes me never want to moving to my table, for study.
I don't even know why.

Do you have some advices to me?
Because this computer is in my own room. So
I can use it free without parents beside me.

Maybe I'll write 2 posts today.
I want to go to Commissary soon with my friends
for shooting. Adika's English Project.

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