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Minggu, 21 Februari 2010

New Header and Acitivities

Hey everybody.
Something different in my blog?
Yeah, you right!
I just changed the header of my blog.
I put strawberries so it is match with STRAWTEROST name.

Today, as usual I did sport thing with Nanda.
I used my sucks bicycle and I met her in the way.
We went to International School Sport Hall and played
badminton together.
I was really tired and Nanda too. Very very tired.
After that, we went to the gym (toilet lol) and we had
trompolin games there. We talked a lot and
laughed together.
After that, we had enough and called Dilla and Fia to come.
But, Fia still sleep and Dilla want to joint with us.

We made a new games for playing badminton.
But, it's secret :P

We met Pak Hadi and someone girl with him.
I don't know who she is and Pak Hadi said "Don't make
any gossip" HAHAH!!

That's all about today :P
Great time with friend, never end.

ps : He called me through phone because he is in home now,
not at dorm anymore. He is sick :'(

2 komentar:

Anne mengatakan...

what does "stawterost" means?

Lorine Kalista Noor mengatakan...

strawterost is strawberry and I just put rost because actually I love rose XD but It will be familiar if I say "strawberry rose" and kinda weird so I just changed it to that.

Thx for your comment kak Anne.
have a great day :)