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Selasa, 07 Juni 2011


So, how is everything?
I don't even check my blog since the my
post. Guys, It wasn't because I'm busy. I just
lazy to open my blog. And, nothing to do with it.

I passed my National Exam.
It was few days ago and I'm not kidding you,
I was so AFRAID. I was crying went I know
I passed everything and so my Mom.

I got my dream school.
I'm gonna leave this town to continue
my Senior High School. And I'm proud to myself.
In case, I got my dream school in the 'right' way (:

And.. tomorrow is my graduation :)
I don't even know my score until now but I'm
sure I don't get the best score.

I'm going to post about my graduation tomorrow.
Right after the graduation. I promise you.

There is no pic for this boring post.
But I'm sure, tomorrow I'll put a ton of photos.

I'm done

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