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Kamis, 28 April 2011

Another Amazing Day

I want to thank everybody who
supports me to face my national exam.
I feel much better when everybody said "Wish you luck"
or "You can do it!" or even "I know you'll get a good
score" and more sweet things that they said.
It means lot for me.

Today is the final day of my exam.
I'm not really that "FYUHHH" yet cause I have
to wait like a month to get the result.
I hope I get the best score.
If I'm not, I'm proud of myself cause I did it by
myself without anyone who helps me to through the test.
I want to make it PURE from me.

Day 1 was Bahasa Indonesia
(It's my mother tongue language but it's hard for me!)
Day 2 was Mathematic
(I don't know. I kinda doubt about this. I did it successfully
but I heard 'something')
Day 3 was English
(I'd prefer English than Bahasa because English much
easier for my friends and I. SERIOUSLY!)
Day 4 was Science
(I'm pretty optimistic about my Science result for physics. But
I kinda doubt the biology one)

But there was a little accident today.
Because of that, we started the test at 9.00 am.
Actually, we started it at every 8.30 am. But That's ok.
As long as we get much time to do the test.

And.. today is my birthday :)
I'm 15 years old now and getting older day by day.
They gave me a super duper shocked surprise that
I wouldn't forget.
Here are some pictures of it..

With all those things... I became like this

And thank God they don't added eggs or
something that will make me smells like hell.

I need 20 minutes to take a bath and I was trying to
be really fast cause they're waiting for me.
And WHOA! my house was so crow-freaking-ded
for 16 students plus mom. But I'm happy!

The boys are playing playstation and the girls
are half with them and half with me in my room. But
sometimes we'll be a huge circle in the living room watching
the boys playing Fatal Frame.

This is my last birthday here, in Townsite.
Town that I've living like 10 years.
I'm gonna lave this town about a couple of months.

Thank you for today.
Today was uhmazing. I'm gonna miss this
time. It was so precious.

xo, Lorine

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