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Sabtu, 11 September 2010

Happy Eid Mubarak

Hi bloggers.
This been so long since my last post.
I don't have any idea why I'm outta my mood
to post something but actually, so many things
I really wanna tell you. But yeah, once again
I'm too lazy and I'm busy. Yes, busy is probably
my middle name now hahaha...

This post, I really wanna
say SORRY for my mistakes. That I
made whatever is it and if I've hurt you.
I'm really sorry and happy Eid Mubarak for all.
Minal aidin walfaidzin.

My family and I celebrated it yesterday
by went to the mosque at 6.30 am and it was
so morning so I kinda sleepy while listening to the
speech. But it's ok, because I'm happy today.

We went to the beach too and it was really cool.
My brother and I played together but too bad my mom
didn't let us to swim or even touch the water :'(

We wear same clothes in every 'Lebaran'
Daddy, Newsa, me, Mom.
Tropical Beach. In here, you can be more relax
because this beach is far away from crowded place.
Met this cute 'Mr. Krab' and he doesn't even
move when I took this picture. My mom said
"He wanna be a model someday haha.."
Do we alike? haha..
I know, we're not alike. I don't know
why. I got dark skin (It suck that when I was
a little girl I got light skin and now I'm totally dark)
and my brother got light skin. And my
brother got small eyes and I got big round eyes.
That's not important but our behavior is almost

So guys, for all of you..
I apologize for all my mistakes that I ever made.
Thank u :)

-Lorine Kalista Noor-

p.s. : I don't forgive some people.

The one of them, I will never forgive
that person. Forever, in my live.

13 komentar:

Ladinia DalinTasya mengatakan...

Happy Eid Mubarak too my BFF :)
forgive me, i've made a looot of mistakes to you :)

Best Friend Forever ;)

Lala mengatakan...

thanks for your comment.
I love shoes sooooooo much !!! :D
could buy every day another pair ^^

uuuuh, the beach looks great, wanna go there too.

xoxo lala

come and visit me

Princess Feef mengatakan...

Happy Eid dear ,, and Eid mubarak =)
hope u enjoyed ur day <3

Dorothy Souhuwat mengatakan...

happy eid mubarak...

Andi Dhebby Putri mengatakan...

hey, love the beach pic! and also Happy Eid Mubarak, lovely :)


Jasmira Flower mengatakan...

happy eid mubarak...- I don't know what it meens ;)
Lovely pics!

Miss T mengatakan...

Happy Eidul fitri dear.

Gorgeous Post. :)

Pretty give-away on Monday at

knk mengatakan...

hi happy Eidmubhrak

hey wonderful post i like it
i like the pictures in beach soo cool

Arabian eyes mengatakan...

hey sweetie happy late w
eid Hun !

Marcie mengatakan...

Love looking at the beach photos! They are stunning.

xo M

Stevia is Your Cherry Bomb mengatakan...

Mohon maaf lahir batin ya...
You guys look so cute in your matchy matchy outfit ;)


Dolls Factory mengatakan...

Love your blog , lets become fashionable blogger friends , lets follow each other.

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Baby By The Sea mengatakan...

Lovely beach photos.