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Sabtu, 21 Agustus 2010

Independence Day, August 17th 2010

Indonesia Raya (National Song of Indonesia)
"Indonesia tanah airku, tanah tumpah darahku.
Disanalah aku berdiri jadi pandu ibuku.
Indonesia, kebangsaanku bangsa dan tanah airku.
Marilah kita berseru Indonesia bersatu.
Hiduplah tanahku hiduplan negeriku.
Bangsaku rakyatku semuanya.
Bangunlah jiwanya bangunlah badannya.
Untuk Indonesia Raya.
Indonesia Raya merdeka merdeka tanahku negeriku yang kucinta.
Indonesia Raya merdeka merdeka hiduplah Indonesia Raya.
Indonesia Raya merdeka merdeka tanahku negeriku yang kucinta.
Indonesia Raya merdeka merdeka hiduplah Indonesia Raya."

Hey guys!
Last Thursday, it was August 17th 2010
and what it is mean? IT'S INDONESIA's BIRTHDAY!
My friends and I are choosen by teacher to be
in PASKIBRA team. In Indonesia, Paskibra is some people
that be a central of the whole ceremony because they're
bring the flag of Indonesia and make a unique formation.
And now, I'm gonna tell you about our Paskibra Team.
We're look super super formal!

We had practice for Paskibra is about
a month with 4 polices and sometimes I felt
so guilty with them because you know, I don't
really like pressure and something like that.
But I tried do my best and so my friends do
and we got this..
We are going to the field.
I can't describe how I felt.
Opened the formation and make it like this..
Is that cool? PRETTY COOL!!!
They're the point of us.
Closed the formation and just make it like this again...
Yes, like the first one and..
We went back..

It was cool right?
And other from that, we had drum band too.

And just once again, we had choir too..
Mothers too lol..

That was the day that really
make me feel so excited! I wouldn't forget
this moment forever for my life.
Because this is the last year too with my friends.

I have a great news too.
Raymond, Alfredo, I

They're my man.
We just build our group again till
2 years break.
Have a nice weekend!

-Lorine Kalista Noor-

16 komentar:

achim blog mengatakan...


Ribka mengatakan...

happy indepence day!! :D

Lia Waroka Putri mengatakan...

I was a paskibra team too and it gives me nervous feelings yet proud of myself, congrats for ur participation on Independence day!^^xx,BarbieJunk

Betty Manousos mengatakan...

How lovely! Soo cool!
Thanks for sharing those pics.
Congrats for your participation on Independence Day!
Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my blog.
I love your site! Glad you found me.
B :)

Betty Manousos mengatakan...

Betty Manousos for CUT AND DRY.

knk mengatakan...

cool post

knk mengatakan...

wonderful post i like those dresses

Stevia is Your Cherry Bomb mengatakan...

O cool you're in paskriba!
I used to be in paskibra too!

Lala mengatakan...

Great independence day !

Thank you for your comment. Oh my gosh, is my english sooo bad ? :/
Because you said you do not understand what I wrote about the shoes, but I have a little text in english under the german one .

xoxo lala

Tylaine mengatakan...

Great pictures. Looks like fun.
You should link your email to your blog so your comments don't show as a noreply and then I could respond to your comments through email. :)

Mommy and Me Monday is a meme that is put on by another blogger named Krystyn at Really are you Serious? Another favorite meme of mine is Pour Your Heart Out done by Shell at Things I Can't Say. :) Hope that makes sense. :)

Asthree mengatakan...

Jadi pingin 17-an disana lagii :(

Andi Dhebby Putri mengatakan...

what a wonderful moment! I didn't do ceremony, because of rainy day that time. so lucky you :]

please blogwalking on my blog xo

Dorothy Souhuwat mengatakan...


uhh make me feel so miss senior high school

Wynne Prasetyo mengatakan...

I was a member of the flag bearer team too when I was in high school. most young people nowadays belittle what flag ceremony means, but it really felt like such an honor to get to actually get to be in such team, don't you think? :)

Ladinia DalinTasya mengatakan...

hahha aku ditunjuk jadi paskibra tapi malas (jangan dicontoh) :D
but you all looks great ! haha jadi inget pas aku main marching bell terus kamu jadi mayoretnya :)

iya hahha hikey's bikin lemak ilang 5 kg :P


Rolerkite mengatakan...

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