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Minggu, 11 April 2010

My Beautifull Messy Room

I will tell you my holidays soon :P

Hi everybody!
Back with me again after I didn't write anything in my blog.
How's your day today? Today is Sunday. I wouldn't say
this is my favorite because the fact that I know is, to morrow
is MONDAY! -,-

My girls friend are going to play basketball and I
think they aren't back to their home right now. I decided
to uncoming because I'm so tired and I want to do my some
homework because I scape from school for about
3 days lol.

Well, I woke up at
then I thought about what last night I really thought about.
I remember I thought about to change my room.

Look at that, I didn't put anything on my door
and I just put a little ID card or whatever you call it but I
use it when I was grade 6.
(when I was grade 6)
I always laugh inside my heart when I saw
how funny my hair and my bangs. My friend called me
"the helmet hair" and can't you believe me I almost
cried when they called me like that huhuhu..

And let's go to INSIDE..
(I love barbie!!)
and can you believe me? I just knew that I've
got a CD's rack.

But when I saw the CD's, I just found
a CD like this

(the historical of human,an old song,science etc.)

Then I remember that my father loves
science and all of the historical of the world and human.
And those song isn't my fathe because he likes a band like
Metallica,Megadeth,Queen and something like that. I guess
that is my mom's because he loves the slow one.

I got ready to move my room pretty different
and it was really hard! I'm so tired till now...
(you don't have any idea how messy my room was)
Rata Tengah
(I put all my stuff's on my bed)
(my books.. so many books -,-)

After 2 hours, I got my room like this...
I moved the table of book there so I can look at the
windows when I get bored
I moved my bed just like 3 years ago position.

And I don't know how to make this part clean -,-

That is all! And you should know that after 3 years, I moved
my room again!!! And I feel so proud to my self cause I did
it with my self and I got sweat in the whole of my body part
but it is ok..

Hope you guys have a nice Sunday :)

2 komentar:

Ladinia DalinTasya mengatakan...

hahha well, i love my messy room cause' if it's so tidy i don't feels like that is my room :P

Anonim mengatakan...

Lovely! Very well-done! :)