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Rabu, 28 April 2010

I'm 14 NOW! and a Little Surprise From My Friends

I can't believe that my friends was kidding at me.
They're not so an evil like that. They're care to me
and I'm so glad to have friends like that even it was
so hurt at the first time. I love my friends. So Much!

Well, today I'm 14 now!
Yes, this is my birthday and I'm so happy!
No, I wasn't happy like this, this morning. Yes I know
this is my birthday and do you remember my two posts
about my friends? They're changed to me? They're just like
"Oh let's go away from Oline"? So you can click this if you want
to see how they made me stressed.
Pain and Deep Sadness andjust look, how stupid I'm and 'lebay'
when I wrote that -,-

I'll introduce you about my evil friends for about 2 weeks...

Yes, I put Dilla for the first place because she made it!
Ah Dilla, I can't believe someday you can be an artist with her
neighbor and they're so really close. That is Alifia...

Actually, I texted Alifia to asked what happen with
Dilla. Something wrong with her, I thought. She was like
"I don't know! Don't ask me!" I was so down and cried that night.
Yes, I always cried :(( Then, with Nanda too...

I asked her too about this problem. She was like "I don't know!"
like that just like Fia. And this morning I said "Nanda, I know the truth!
Dilla and Alifia hate me and I know it from Adika. Would you ask her with
me why they hate me?" and Nanda just like "I don't want to get in to
your problem. This if your problem and I don't want to help you. Fia
is my friend and you are my friend too. Every single thing that you told
me I never tell her. And just like Fia. I will keep it." and I almost cried
when she said like that. Because it wasn't like Nanda as usual.
And I thought Nanda hates me too.
Then Adika...

Adika told me like this "Fia and Dilla doesn't like you" and it made
a big question in my mind "What happen with my friends!?" Ah but
Adika was lie to me too! She doesn't go away from me but I hate her
for said like that lolz
And Wulan...

She is a new student in my school.
I didn't know how to tell it. I couldn't handle it by my self
So, I asked her and told her about my story. I said, "If you know
something from them, please tell me" and she like "Ok" and when
I aske dher "Do you know something?" she always said "No I don't
know anything!I swear" and yes I believe her but SHE
but yeah, if she told me.. it was not a surprise anymore.

But, I'm not alone.. I have friends like

Tika is my neighbor and she doesn't know about that and
she still friends with me.

Yes, she is Ina she helpedme a lot too... And supported me too...

And Tiara. This is the smartest one because she knew that
something wrong with me and my friends. She just said "I think
they're will give you a surprise" but I didn't believe it. Finally, she is

I love my friends.
They're awesome and means everything for me.
And thanks for made me cry last morning guys! Thanks a lot
to you! I love you all...
I wouldn't forget about this!

2 komentar:

Lucia Del Pasqua mengatakan...

Happy birthday darling!

Ladinia DalinTasya mengatakan...

haha i knew it, it's just so weird you know they hate you when your birthday coming haha