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Jumat, 19 Maret 2010


It's FRIDAY everybody!!
Not only that. This is really special Friday for us.
I mean, for the student of Buin Batu School here. We
waited for this day because this tomorrow will be the first
day of the school off about 2 weeks!!

I went to school and after ceremony, we watched
movies in our class (we talked about it for days) and we
ate snack that we bought yesterday.
Well, we watched Scary Movie 3 (So funny baby! haha),
300 and we watch G-Force or something but in the last movie,
we just played WUSH for boys vs girls and we was lose :'(

So FREE for today!
No lesson, no study, and no the blablaba things lol.

Now it's time to me for share about my HOLIDAY things.
I'm going so excited now because I can't wait to
see my family. Guess what? I'M GOING TO SAMARINDA!
My beloved hometown in East Borneo :)

Well, I don't really excited like that, when I
thought about my new school. I'll move if the principal
of my new school let me to be a new
student on his school.

Ok, don't talk about it.
Tomorrow, I'm going to Surabaya first. My family
always spend 2 nights in Surabaya.
I don't know why but we always do that. I really love my
father when he let me to choose a restaurant for our dinner :P
I'll choose SHABU-SHABU or SEA MASTER of course!

Then yeah, we are going to Samarinda!
I miss my family so much, my friends (I don't have many friends
there) and I really really really miss my
grandfather and my grandmother. They're getting old now.

Happy FRIDAY! and Happy HOLIDAY!! :)

2 komentar: Ladinia mengatakan...

Sounds fun !
Hey ! How bout me ? Come visit me
it only take.....(how long ?)
oh come on please please visit me imissyou buddy !


Lorine Kalista Noor mengatakan...

hey tasya.. I relly really want to visit you.. but I don't if I could or not :'(
I miss you too buddy..
Hope we can meet!!