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Minggu, 14 Februari 2010

V' Day

Well, I sure you guys that have a boy/girlfriend are waiting
for today.It's really beautiful day for you and your boy/girlfriend
to hangout together with. It's nice to know you all are
happy with yours :)

And, how's you and your boy/girlfriend if you're LDR
(Long Distance Relationship)? It's ok yea, I'll bet you'll got a beautiful
V' day with yours even you're not with him/her.

How's your V' day? (comment me to tell it)
And for me, hmm this is my first V' day and yeah, I'm so
busy today. Look, I went to kak Tiffa's house for her late birthday party.
Then I went to the river for shooting.
We'll grade 8 will have assembly on this Thursday and I'm the film director.
So I have responsibility to direct and manage the movie.
It's nice to spent V' day with my friend.

This is for you and have a very nice weekend and
valentine day!

Sorry I'm not good at drawing :D

p.s : my first V' day with bf XD

2 komentar:

anne mengatakan...

ciee haha i don't celebrate the v-day but i just went to pvj with friends, not thinking too much of boyfriends even though my friends have ones! how about you and him?

Lorine Kalista Noor mengatakan...

I'll bet he doesn't celebrate it or forget about it (as you knowlah).. But it's nice you went to pvj but me? just go to kak Tiffa's house (it's better) then shooting again.. :'( but it's finish yet haha.. good luck to your film too:) it's hard to be a film director and big huge thank's to nanda because she helped me..
(thanks for the comment and wait on your wordie)