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Rabu, 10 Maret 2010

Feet love around the world: week 3

This is the third week of feet love.
But, this is my second post for it :'(
I was late for the first post anyway huwaa!!!

How do they look?
I love those shoes so much and I wore my
mother's dress (when she was a teen like me lol).
Actually, I wore it because my friend, Alifia asked me to sent
my photos when I wear a dress for her English project.
Enjoy it everyone!

4 komentar:

Sarah mengatakan...

Looks really cute! xo Ladinia mengatakan...

mami........! hahha i can imagine you looks like your mom
tante maria hahhaa :)
anyway love that shoes

Lorine Kalista Noor mengatakan...

*kak Sarah : thx kak Sarah :)
*Tasya : I was so beautiful tasya! but I feel so shame to show it. but one day, I'll show it to you huehehe.. Ladinia mengatakan...

can't wait till that day :)
haha im really miss you