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Jumat, 26 Februari 2010

Old Camera

I've found my Mom's old camera.
My Mom said that my Father gave it to Mom as a
birthday present when they still in a relationship (so it was longgg
time ago)

I used that camera and I felt like "(sight) what an
ugly camera is it? why my Mom loves this camera so much?"
I thought my Mom loves those camera because it was from my Father but now
I know the other reason.

I think the old camera is cool.
And I just wonder why I didn't like it. Why I cursed it before.
Why I didn't want to used it. Now, I really love my old 'dork' kamera.
I want to use it so much!
But no roll film now. I should buy roll film when I go to Samarinda.
I want to use it and just ask my father to
scan it on my father's scanner machine at his office.
I'm so regretful right now.

4 komentar:

Anne mengatakan...

vintage right? you should try today! go to Maluk now and go to Fujifilm store buy the film haha so vintage lin, i love camera like this so much!

Lorine Kalista Noor mengatakan...

no I just found the roll film and I have no idea (stupid) to put it in my camera so I just wait for my daddy and sure I ask him to bring some batteries from his office haha.. can't wait to use it.. :)

my name is lauren. mengatakan...

gotta love an old school camera :). so funny that this is considered "old school" because i had one of these in middle school and even part of high school. now i feel old!

Lorine Kalista Noor mengatakan...

lol I don't think so.
I love it but I don't have a roll film :'(
poor me
thx for the comment and have a great Sunday