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Minggu, 07 Februari 2010

My First Work to Help My Class

We'll have an assembly in two weeks again. So we're grade 8 are so busy now to thinking and made about what the good topic we'll bring to the assembly.

So, last week we went to a place and we talk about the topic of the assembly. At first, it was really make me want to scream "HEY BE SERIOUS GUY!!" but then I'll try to be patient and try to told them slowly to do the work. Well, my friend bring his book so we got an idea to made it a drama. It's about the history of Indonesia. We tried to did it and we just got the story I mean the summary of it. I wrote it in my book and we go home.

And yesterday, we went to Green House and we discussed about it again. It's really not serious, many boys played and the girls (include me) is talked to each other. So I decided to make the scenario by my self. I thought it was easy.

After I'm home, I tried to read the story again and wow!! That was not easy!! damn! I don't want to make my friends disappointed at me so I tried to make them by my self. My friends invited me to chat but I ignored them because I must to make the scenario and on Monday I'll give it to friends and my homeroom teacher for checking.

Finally I finished and I got 5 papers for those drama.. hhhhhhhh It's not easy and next time, I'll careful to choose a story that I'll make the summary. Here its the book and the story

this is the book's tittle
and this is the tittle of the story we'll make a drama

Wish me and friends luck guys..!!

ps. : hey I wrote 2 posts today lol

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